GeMWall Videowall Control

The GeMWall L2 & L4 Non-PC based units are built up from a chassis and high quality capture cards and graphics cards. The units come in any configeration imaginable. The L2 is a 2 layer processor which means that on each output (to a screen) you can place a maximum of 2 visible inputs. In many cases ths is more than enough. However for those configurations in which more layers per screen are needed we also have the L4, a 4 layer unit hich alows you to place 4 inputs on a single screen.

GemWall L2 Product Page

GeMWall L4 Product Page

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The GeMWall videowall controller comes in different chassis sizes from 2U up untill 28U:

Chassis possibilities L2

Chassis possibilities L4

Set up example GeMWall

Capture Cards