GeMWall L4

The GeMWall L4 video wall controllers are GeMNext’s 4 layers per monitor videowall processors. The GeMWall  L4 controllers are capable of 72 outputs and up to 128 HD or 512 SD inputs, using a single chassis. This GeMWall L4 can control up to 4 separate video walls from a single chassis. The layout of the windows can be configured separately by the GeMWall Control software, which offers flexibility within a very user friendly interface. The GeMWall L4 systems are pure non-OS hardware based controllers in combination with a wide variety of FPGA input and output cards, offering extremely fast start-up times and instant switching. This wide variety offers IP inputs, HDMI/DVI/DP inputs, 4K inputs and output cards. In addition, the system benefits from a working environment which is free of viruses and software conflicts, ensuring 24/7 hassle free operational ability.

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• Advanced Crossbar technology
• Four-window overlay ability
• Robust FPGA video data process technology
• No PC vulnerabilities
• 1 to 72 display outputs
• Multi output option: DVI-I (Digital & Analog), SDI, HDBaseT, Optical Fiber
• 1-128 HD DVI/HDMI/RGB inputs capture
• 1-512 composite video inputs capture
• Multi input option: DVI-D, HDMI, VGA, YPbPr, CVBS, SDI, HDBaseT, Optical Fiber
• IP streaming decode support
• Multi video walls support in one system
• Low power consumption
• Fast start up within 5 seconds
• HDCP support for DVI/HDMI
• Support 4K input capture
• Support 4K HDMI 1.4 Output

GemWall L4 Chassis types

4U - GeMWall L4-4U 4U Chassis; supports up to 24 inputs & 8 outputs
8U - GeMWall L4-8U 8U Chassis; supports up to 52 inputs & 18 outputs
14U - GeMWall L4-14U 14U Chassis; supports up to 96 inputs & 36 outputs
22U - GeMWall L4-22U 22U Chassis; supports up to 128 inputs & 72 outputs



GeMWall Chassis

Capture Cards

The input and output cards are FPGA cards. These cards have been programmed to have optimized use for the processing of capturing video and play it over the graphic cards.

GW-IN-DVI4 4 channel DVI/HDMI capture card, HDCP compliant
GW-IN-HDMI4 4 channel HDMI/DVI capture card, HDCP compliant
GW-IN-VGA 4 channel VGA capture card
GW-IN-SD16  16 channel SD capture card
GW-IN-3SD4 4 channel 3D SD capture card
GW-IN-SDI4    4 channel SDI capture card
GW-IN-IP8 8 channel H.264 IP capture card
GW-IN-OF4 4 channel Optical Fiber capture card
GW-IN-DL2 2 channel Dual Link DVI capture card
GW-IN-Y4  4 channel YPbPr capture card
GW-IN-HBT4 4 channel HDBaseT capture card
GW-IN-UHM2 2 channel HDMI 1.4 4K capture card
GW-IN-UHDP  2 channel Display Port 1.2 4K capture card


Graphics Cards

GW -OUT-DVI4  4 channel DVI/HDMI/VGA output card
GW-OUT-SDI4 4 channel SDI output card
GW-OUT-HBT4 4 channel HDBaseT output card
GW-OUT-OF4 4 channel Optical Fiber output card
GW-OUT-UHM2  2 channel HDMI 1.4 4K output card